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Der Report des englischen Forschungsinstituts Credos (to www.credos.org.uk) liefert Ergebnisse über das Mediennutzungsverhalten von Teenagern – vor allem im Hinblick auf Social Media – sowie deren Verständnis von Bildbearbeitung in der Werbung, deren Einstellung zu und deren Akzeptanz von  Bildbearbeitung. © Pretty as a Picture Credos, 2011 – Autoren: Karen Fraser & Emma Taylor.

Einen Auszug der Ergebnisse in englischer Originalsprache finden Sie untenstehend. Den Gesamtbericht können Sie gerne unter office@werberat.at anfordern.


Pretty as a Picture is a response to the increasing number of calls for changes to the way models are represented in adverts. These calls primarily focus on the potentially damaging impact of idealised imagery on the body confidence of young women. What we want to bring to the debate are the views of consumers themselves. We began this project with the following four objectives in mind:

ABOUT THIS RESEARCH Credos – Understanding Advertising Credos is advertising’s independently-governed think tank, funded by the advertising industry, but overseen by an independent advisory board which assures the quality, objectivity and transparency of our work.

  • Establish the extent of any problem with body image/confidence
  • See if girls can distinguish advertisements from content
  • If they can, does it affect how they react to advertising?
  • Explore practical solution(s) to any issues, if they exist

We hope you enjoy reading our report.

Methodology Credos worked with Jo Rigby, Research Consultant, to interview 24 girls aged 10-18 and, separately, their Mums. The interviews took place between 25 May and 2 June 2011. Credos commissioned Panelbase to conduct an online survey with a nationally-representative sample of 1000 girls aged 10-21 between 10-17 August 2011.

Glossary • Young women: All 10-21-year-olds • Pre-teens: 10-12-year-olds • Early teens: 13-15-year-olds • Mid-teens: 16-17-year-olds • Young adults: 18-21-year-olds

“Pretty as a Picture is the result of almost a year’s research into the body confidence of young women, and how this relates to the images they see in advertising. We now have a solid evidence base on which decisions about these issues may be made. Karen Fraser, Director, Credos. karen.fraser@credos.org.uk.”

Which images do young women prefer?

pretty as a picture (1)

Pretty as a picture (1) Natural image 40% choose this • Natural (78%) • Beautiful (35%) • Perfect (17%) 16-21-year-olds are more likely to consider this image ‘beautiful’ than their younger counterparts. 44% of midteens and 40% of young adults choose ‘beautiful’ to describe this image, compared with just 29% of early teens and 26% of mid-teens.


pretty as a picture (2)Pretty as a picture (2) Light cosmetic changes 36% choose this • Natural (48%) • Beautiful (35%) • Fake (18%) • Too airbrushed (18%) • Removing blemishes (mosquito bites, moles, bruises) • Painting nails • Smoothing down hair • Whitening teeth and eyes • Evening out & brightening skin tone Although both ‘natural’ and ‘beautiful’ are once again the most popular words used to describe this image, ‘fake’ and ‘too airbrushed’ are selected by a sizeable number (18%). This suggests that girls are recognising even minor airbrushing techniques in images. Although ‘natural’ and ‘fake’ appear to be contradictory terms, this may be explained by the fact that the model was wearing very little make-up, and respondents could therefore be referring to her minimal make-up when they choose ‘natural’.

pretty as a picture (3)

Pretty as a picture (3) Altered body shape 20% choose this • Natural (34%) • Too airbrushed (32%) • Fake (30%) • Slimmer legs, arms, hips and stomach As they get older, girls are less likely to consider this image to be ‘natural’. Around 40% of 10-15-year-olds describe this image as ‘natural’, compared with just over a fifth (21%) of mid-teenage girls. This may be because older girls are more likely to understand how images can be digitally manipulated, and therefore are able to cast a more critical eye over the photographs.


pretty as a picture (4)Pretty as a Picture (4) Ultra-thin 5% choose this • Too thin (78%) • Unnatural (59%) • Too airbrushed (56%) • Lengthening body • Reducing cleavage This is the least popular image by far.

Comparisons between young adults and pre-/early teens reveal the most significant differences of opinion: 69% of early teens describe this image as ‘too thin’, rising to 85% of young adults; 49% of pre-teens describe it as ‘unnatural’, climbing to 71% of young adults; and 40% of pre-teens describe it as ‘too airbrushed’, peaking at 74% of young adults.

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